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Walter Hall with friends at the State Capitol

why walter hall

A Common Sense Approach to Government

Walter Hall meeting with constituants

Walter Hall your delegate elect for the West Virginia House of Delegates!!!

“Life is a learning process, and we all need to be open to learning, to challenging ourselves, and to taking action that changes lives!  I’ve chosen to lead by example and to become more involved in helping others in the Kanawha Valley. District 58 is my home, and home is where I will make a difference!”

With a Marketing degree from Marshall University, Walt enjoys researching and investigating topics and believes in listening and learning before he acts. Walt knows issues aren’t always black and white. He is proud that he can adjust his way of thinking and come to a proper decision. Walt has proven for years he has the strength, perseverance, and fortitude to see decisions through to the end. 

Also, his extensive business experience has taught him not only how and where to procure funds, but how to use budgeted monies wisely and more effectively for the benefit of all.

“As the District 58 representative, I will seek out and secure any available state and federal funds and bring them home to build stronger communities in Institute, West Dunbar, East Nitro, and Saint Albans.”


Walter Hall is a leader, not a follower. In these uncertain times, Walt took initiative and spearheaded a summer Covid Vaccine Clinic in Saint Albans. In July, Walt sponsored and organized the first-annual Saint Albans Police Department Youth Safety Day, which enabled nearly 300 area youth to establish positive connections with our police.

“District 58 is an opportunity for new leadership. I truly believe I can make a difference in this community as I have in Saint Albans. Being able to cross the Kanawha River into Institute, West Dunbar, and East Nitro is an opportunity to help those communities as well. Experience and a desire for finding and securing state and federal funds for projects within each of these communities are important."

District 58 Map

the new district 58

When I heard the announcement that a new district had been formed in Kanawha County for the West Virginia House of Delegates and it included Saint Albans, my interest was obviously piqued. I was born and raised here, have lived my entire life here. My family and I have had business interests and many clients within District 58. I knew that my experience as Saint Albans’ Vice-Mayor and Councilman-At-Large, and my twenty-plus years of extensive community service, would make me the strongest candidate in the field. More than that, I’m a problem solver and I love the Kanawha Valley. It’s a natural progression for me to take the next step in becoming your representative in District 58.    

Download the map.

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