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My Time Representing You @ the State Capitol

These last two years have flown by. As I approach re-election season, I wanted to bring you up to speed on how I've been working for you, my constitutes in District 58.

Committee Assignments:

  • Banking and Insurance

  • Economic Development and Tourism

  • Political Subdivisions

  • Senior, Children, and Family Issues

  • Technology and Infrastructure

Sponsored Legislation, 2024:

  • HB 5057 - To raise the threshold for nominal referral fees from $25 to $100. (Pending) >read more

  • HB 5178 - Requiring car dealerships in this state to utilize a search engine to determine if buyers of vehicles have valid motor vehicle insurance. (Passed) >read more

  • HB 5222 - Creating the State Property Protection Act (Pending) >read more

  • HB 5623 - Relating to absentee voting (Pending) >read more

  • HB 4756 - Creating a state Alzheimer’s plan task force (Passed) >read more

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